Tudor dancing in schools

A Dance Back in Time demonstration

 La Volta

Tudor Musical Instruments
Some Tudor Wind Instruments

Tudor feet
Tudor Feet

replica Tudor string instruments
Tudor String Instruments


Our visit consists of an interactive performance for the children
to watch followed by workshops in which they participate

The Tudor Performance

The performance (45mins) is suitable for the whole school. The children will:

• See the exciting and colourful Tudor dances such as the Galliard and La Volta

See the performers wear replica costumes to show how the costumes affect their movement
   and status in Tudor society.
Four children will dress as a Lord and Lady with two ladies-in-waiting and will see how fashion      changes

• See and hear twenty rarely seen replica Tudor instruments including: strings, percussion, brass    and wind. Instruments such as the rebec, viol, several recorders, shawms, curtal,                  crumhorn, cittern, harp, pipe and tabor, nakers, sackbutt and bagpipes.  

• Learn how the instruments work and their use in Tudor life


  For small schools a one person programme is available.

Tudor Dance Workshops (30 - 60 mins each, approximately 30 pupils per dance workshop)

• The children will learn at least two suitable Tudor dances and manners of the age

• Hear other replica instruments including one from the Mary Rose

• One child will try on a replica costume from Henry Vll’s time

• Hear and learn Tudor songs

• Find out about historical research and discover the importance of
   social status in Tudor time

• Find out how dance influenced all levels of society and have                                                        an opportunity to see the instruments and costumes close at hand

There are teacher's notes of the steps, dances and music for this
part of the programme.

Children enjoying a fun time