Tudor and Victorian dancing in schools
Victorian dancing in schools

The Victorian Dance Workshops
       (30 - 60 mins each, approximately 30 pupils              per dance workshop)

• The children will learn at least two suitable            Victorian Dances

• Some children will be able try on replica
   Victorian clothes

• See and touch artefacts

• Learn about Victorian etiquette and manners

• Learn about historical research and how                Victorian society was reflected by dance

There are teacher's notes of the steps, dances and music for this part of the programme.


The visit consists of an interactive performance for the children
to watch followed by workshops in which they participate.

For small schools a one person programme is available

The Victorian Performance 

The performance (45mins) is suitable for the whole school and takes the form of a soiree.

The children will:

• Sing Victorian songs

• Play parlour games (learning about manners & find out how people              amused themselves)

• Discover about the secret language of fans and gloves

• Take part in a melodrama and make your own entertainment

• See the Victorian dances expertly performed

• See and hold Victorian underwear!

Victorian invitation